Driveway Costs

Driveway Costs

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Costs Melbourne

Exposed aggregate is concrete that has had stones and pebbles added to create a decorative texture. It has been a super popular home improvement material used on paths, patios, stairs, and driveways, in Melbourne for more than fifty years.

The reason for its timeless popularity is due to the following factors:

  • The stone texture is more interesting than plain concrete
  • Exposed aggregate comes in loads of different colours
  • Exposed aggregate is low maintenance
  • Exposed aggregate is durable and long-lasting against sun and rainwater
  • It has all the benefits of concrete, but with more variety

When are considering an exposed aggregate driveway, then cost will be one of the critical factors. It is also essential to consider what other options there are and what are the comparable prices. We will attempt to answer all these questions for you here.


What Factors Effect The Price Of Exposed Aggregate Driveways

In simple terms, the two key factors that determine the cost of exposed aggregate concrete driveways are labour and materials. The amount of labour required will vary from job to job, and many material options will also affect the price.


Some of the key factors that will affect the final price of the job are:

  • The size of the job.
  • The location of the job.
  • The terrain, such as is the job on a flat or hilly surface.
  • Access to the site, such as needing to remove objects, concrete, or plants, will affect the price.
  • How much excavation is required to prepare the area.
  • What drainage requirements are there.
  • The season (some suppliers prices will change seasonally)


The Cost Of Concrete Driveway Materials

When it comes to driveways, there are some standard materials to choose from at different prices.


Standard Concrete – Prices ranging from $55 to $85 per square meter

The least expensive finish is standard concrete. We all know the standard concrete finish. Untextured and a shade of grey from light to dark. The cost variation comes from the quality and the MPa strength.


Reinforced Concrete – Prices ranging from $70 to $90 per square meter

Reinforced concrete is concrete that has a steel mesh embedded into the concrete. The steel improves the tensile strength of concrete, making it less likely to break or crack under pressure.


Coloured Concrete – Prices ranging from $75 to $95 per square meter

Coloured concrete is, as the name suggests, concrete that has been died with a pigment. Coloured concrete comes in a range of earthy tones and can be further enhanced by polishing.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete – Prices ranging from $100 to $150 per square meter

Exposed aggregate comes with a step up in price from standard concrete due to the more significant labour requirement and the additional material cost (the aggregate). To achieve the exposed aggregate finish requires the following:

  • Pour the concrete as normal
  • Wait until the concrete is nearly dry, and then brush the concrete to reveal the stones
  • Apply an acid wash to remove loose concrete
  • Finally, the concrete gets sealed using a sealant

Exposed aggregate can combine coloured and endless varieties of stone, allowing for an enormous range of choices.


Stencilled Concrete – Prices ranging from $100 to $150 per square meter

Stencilling concrete is the process of applying a stencil or pattern to the concrete. Stencilled concrete can make the concrete mimic just about any surface, such as pavers, stones, and bricks.

Getting A Quote For An Exposed Aggregate Driveway In Melbourne

Melbourne Driveways are exposed aggregate specialist that operates all over Melbourne’s eastern on northern suburbs. We are fully licensed builders with more than thirty years of experience.

Melbourne Driveways can usually give you an estimate by providing us with some details online or calling us direct. We are also happy to come out to the site and discuss your concrete project, costs and options.

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