What is Permeable Concrete?

What is Permeable Concrete?

What is Permeable Concrete?

Permeable concrete is becoming an ever-popular surface in landscape plans for driveway construction. Permeable concrete is otherwise known as pervious concrete or porous concrete and is used as a quality base concrete that will ultimately determine the paving strength for driveway construction.

How is permeable concrete different from other concrete?

Permeable concrete is different from other concrete in that it is a quality concrete mix with exceptional high porosity. The high-strength permeable concrete base is layered first and then reinforced with permeable paving, resulting in a hardwearing, durable and beautiful surface for your driveway. The resulting concrete is highly robust and designed to last for decades. The permeable paving over the permeable concrete base provides a smooth, solid and grippy finish that can stand up to constant vehicle traffic without damaging your driveway. Permeable concrete for driveway construction will usually result in variations in the consistency of colours and textures due to the raw ingredients used. Using a unique colour sealer and border to frame the paving enhances the driveway’s appearance.

When can permeable concrete be used?

Permeable concrete is a quality product used for driveway construction. It is used for concrete flatwork applications to allow water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through to reduce the runoff from a site. Permeable concrete is a solid and durable material for all types of driveway construction. Permeable concrete gets used for small to large commercial areas, and permeable paving can be installed over the concrete base. Using permeable concrete is a sustainable option for driveway construction as it is an effective low-impact development technique.

How long does Permeable concrete last?

Permeable concrete driveways offer a durable driveway solution with minimal maintenance and incredible longevity. The strength and stability of permeable concrete will ensure your driveway remains beautiful for decades.

What is the price of Permeable concrete for driveway construction?

The price of using permeable concrete for driveway construction is based on the size, location, and excavation area. The site can significantly affect the labour required to complete the job. Melbourne Driveways can generally visit your site within 48 hours and provide an accurate quote.

Is there any maintenance required for permeable concrete?

One of the significant advantages of permeate concrete for driveway construction is the long durability of the product. It is designed to last, so very little maintenance is required to keep your driveway looking fabulous. Permeable concrete is specially designed to withstand the weight and load of everyday vehicle traffic and the environment.

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